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Usefulness Blog For Online Business
Counting stars in the sky as well as discuss about the benefits of a Blog, where the benefits of a Blog that will not end there. Because the benefits of this Blog a lot, especially for those who need it.
But in the article that has been the author of this, just focused discuss the benefits of Blog in the field of business and business, especially for business actors and online store business. 

Broadly speaking, the benefits of a Blog in the field of online business is divided into several categories, including the benefits of Blogs from the side of Purchase, and Sales. Here's the explanation:

A. Useful Blog For Online Sales:

1. By creating a blog of great opportunity will get more customers.
Surely these customers do not come by themselves, but must be fished. How to lure new customers using Blogs, as well as getting visitors. This means you have to set up articles that are relevant to the keywords you've already targeted.

2. The difference between finding customers, and visitors.
The point is in the keywords that have been targeted. When looking for customers, targeted keywords must be Profitable Keyword. And if looking for Blog visitors, then focus on searching for keywords with the highest number of searches.

Profitable Keyword can be interpreted as keywords that can bring in customers, such as "Review Product", and "Disadvantages or Advantages of a Product".

3. Customer Loyalty Will Increase.
Loyalty is identical with the familiarity, with Blog then customer loyalty towards you will be more formed. This is because the Blog is personal.

That is, what has been written on the Blog will feel more personal in the appeal when writing it on the online store website, for that note in detail the posts that you will publish in the Blog.

4. New Products Easy To Introduce.
Benefits of a blog for a vital online business is to help introduce new products to customers.We may already know that the Blog has a Timeline feature, meaning the latest news has been published, automatically placed at the top.

With Blog also we do not need to worry about running out of bandwitch or diskspace, because as much as any photos of the uploaded products, will not reduce the resource quota, basically Blog provides unlimited resources for Blog users.

5. More Email List Available.
Newsletter widget on Blog if installed will be very useful in getting more email list from prospective customers. From these emails can later be used for promotional purposes, but please note that email delivery should not be done indiscriminately. And you can use email client, that is Mail Chimp Get Response Aweber, then the thing to avoid is also spamming Email.

6. Feedback from Collected Subscribers.
Feedback plays an important role for the sustainability of Online Business, from this feedback will be obtained various important information related to what changes need to be done. For that with the Blog, it will help facilitate you get feedback from customers.
Online business Through Blog
B. Useful Blog For Purchasing Online:

1. Buyers will be easy to communicate, then for the process of communicating also certainly will be much easier.
Where buyers only need to leave comments in the Blog, even though the admin is off line, likely rewarded by others. The point is in addition to easier to communicate, also faster.

2. Information About Products Easier To Be Gained.
Blog is one part of social media that should always be up date, meaning to get the latest information about the latest product, Blog is much faster and better. In addition, information about past products is also well documented, as Blogs have archive features.

Therefore for entrepreneurs or businessman, there is no harm if you have a blog in promoting Business or Business being occupied, it means immediately make a Blog for the progress of your business or business to grow rapidly.
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