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Red Lips
Red lips, is the lips coveted by most women. According to experts, a woman who has red lips more confident than women who have dark lips. It is from that color that dominates most women using lipstick every morning to flush their lips.
Keep in mind, the lip means the most unique skin but is not equipped with oil glands or sweat to keep it moist. The lips also have slightly thinner skin than other body parts, thus making the blood vessels in this section visible. The presence of this visible blood vessel makes the lips red and beautiful.

But although there is a flow of blood vessels that can be flushed, the lips can also become dull and black if not treated properly, resulting in Lips become dry, rough, Cracked. And this condition can make the lips do not look red or healthy. Then, to overcome this there is easy effort naturally to restore the red and healthy lips, the way that is:

1. Drink water.
  • Basically our body consists of more than 70% liquid. In order for metabolism to run optimally and skin looks fresh, then the consumption of water is very important. Ideally experts recommend that water consumption of at least 2.5 liters to 3 liters, the better. With regular water consumption, the lips will look more reddened and refreshed.
2. Reduce consumption of soda water, alcohol, and coffee.
  • Caffeinated  beverages or alcohol actually indirectly cause black and dull lips . If you want to milk the lips you should reduce the consumption of coffee, alcohol and soda. Substitute drinks can consume fresh juice from strawberries or pomegranate. Because this fruit has a natural pigment that can flush the lips, and make the body healthy and strong.
3. Leave the habit of smoking.
  • For men, smoking  may include  routine activities Which is often done. But do you know nicotine actually in cigarettes can make permanent black lips. Then, if you crave the red lips should start now stop the habit of smoking.
4. Lip scrub with honey.
  • Throw away dead skin cells on the surface of the lips, can be done to lips red . So that in the absence of dead skin cells, the epidermis will be more stimulated in the formation of new collagen. This new, growing collagen is quite useful in slowing down the aging process. How to milk the lips with honey:
  1. Mix honey to taste, after bathing strike slowly to the surface of the lips.
  2. How to do, rub honey to the lips for 10-15 seconds.
  3. And after rubbing wash to dry, then use lip balm on the lips for maximum results.
5. Alternative honey, ie Lime.
  • If there is no honey, you can replace it with lemon. This fruit is enriched with vitamin C content that can help remove excessive skin cells on the surface of the lips. With regular use, your lips will turn red. How to milk the lips with lemon:
  1. Prepare 2-3 tablespoons lemon juice and mix a little sugar, Then rub Whole lips, do the rubbing for about 15 seconds and let stand for 30 minutes to seep.
  2. Then rinse with warm water, and for best results you can do regularly at least 2 times a day.
Lemon For Red Lips
6. Avocado Fruit.
  • Avocados contain  lots of  vitamin E and Antioxidants Natural that are good for skin health. Benefits of many avocados, ranging from blackened hair, smoothing the skin, and to milking lips faster. How to flush your lips with avocados:
  1. Prepare About 50 grams of avocado meat Fresh, then mixed with olive oil until a little dilute, then spread evenly to the entire lips, to absorb the optimum let until the lips feel stiff. 
  2. After that rinse thoroughly with cold water.
7. Protect from direct sunlight.
  • The color change on the lips one of them can be triggered because it is too often exposed to sunlight. The appearance of spots on the lips is one effect that can be caused too often exposed to sunlight (UVA / B). How to avoid it can use a protective lip or lip balm. And use lip balm that serves as a sunscreen content of at least 15 SPF.
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