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US Dollar
According to its manufacture, money is divided into two forms or types of which are coins and paper. If you are diligent to visit the country of Indonesian would already know notes made of paper, but made of cotton. Then the state paper money Indonesians can be more durable although folded or submerged with laundry clothes for hours.
In contrast to United States Dollar, where this currency is the only one most famous in countries around the world. Because the currency with the ISO 4217 USD code, is an international currency. Therefore, although not in the official user country, the US dollar can be accepted anywhere in the world.

Due to many who want it, of course the $ bearing money is made with high quality, with the aim that is not easily damaged. If the rupiah printed with cotton material is strong enough, then how the American dollar money, the raw materials of money famous throughout the world is made of what yes..?. Curious ..?, Read on here ... !!!.

US Dollar Made Up of Plants.
The raw materials of United States dollar dollars are printed using raw materials from plants, while the plants used as raw material to make money dollars this superpower paper is abaca banana tree fiber. Want to know there is in which country type of banana ..?.

Abaca banana is a native plant of farmers in the Philippines, abaca banana has a scientific name that is Moses Textillis, abaca banana tree species including the group Musaceae.

In addition to the state of the philippines, plants that become raw materials dollars flourished in Indonesian in the northernmost region precisely located Esang District, Talaud Islands District, North Sulawesi Province.

Even the abaca banana which is the raw material of the United States dollar money can also be found in the Gampong Suak Buluh Mountains, East Simeulue District, Banda Aceh Province.
Abaca Banana
Based on the description of abaca banana farmers in Talaud Islands District, abaca banana species farming in the area is the second largest agriculture in the world after the country of the Philippines. Not only the quantity, the quality of abaca banana plants in Talaud Islands Regency, including good quality and is second only to the Philippines.

Back associated with the scientific name, Abaca banana fiber even though used as raw materials of the United States dollars, this plant also has been cultivated farmers in the country and the Philippines is the main material of textile industry in the form of cloth, carpets.

Not enough to be the raw material of the United States dollar bill, and the main ingredients of the textile industry including cloth and carpets, the plant is also used as paper, tea bags, tissues, and even a giant ship rope derived from the plant, one of consumers who use for shipping rope This is limited liability company Pelni.

That's a glimpse of the abaca banana tree fibers that become the raw material of today's superpower dollars, hopefully a little language that has been inscribed can add to our insight. Do not forget to share your insights and experiences with others, because sharing it is wonderful if we do.
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