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Fruit Fennel
Foeniculum Vulgare Miller or Fennel is a plant with a height between 50 Cm - 3 meters. The characteristics of this fennel plant is the shape of the leaves pinnate, the trunk grows straight grooved, and the flowers are shaped umbrella.
Fennel has a long flower stalk between 5 - 10 Cm, the number of flower stalks reach 6 - 10. The crown of yellow flowers fenel fruit, and fruit ribbed with a length of 4-6 mm. Fennel plants smells of aromatics with a taste like kamfer, although it smells aromatic but fennel fruit has the oil content asiri.

In addition to the oil content asiri, Fennel also has other content that serves for the treatment, including the content of Anisat Acid, Anetol Fenkon, Pinena, Limonena, Dipentena, Felandrena, Methyl Khivol, Anisal Dehida, and Fat Oil. The plant with the Latin name Foeniculum Vulgare Miller comes from Southern Europe and Asia. The plants grow at an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level or often we find around the yard of the house.

For the efficacy of the fennel plant, it is mostly found in the fruit that has been cooked. Fennel is efficacious treating Stomach Pain, Bloating, Diarrhea, Yellow Pain, Painful Menstruation, Asthma, Breast Milk, Irregular Menstruation, White Eggs In Urine, Swollen Sperm Channels, Rheumatism, Gallstones, Stockpiling of Liquid In Pockets, Toothache, Sprue and Sleepj Difficulty.

Next, here's a review of the Fennel plant to treat Gallstones:
  • Prepare the fennel as dry as necessary.
  • Fennel dry fennel washed to clean and then finely ground.
  • Then dry fennel powder as much as 5 grams, brewed with a glass of hot water.
  • After the cold, water steeping Fennel is taken once a day.
  • Look at the developments for 1 week from consuming this fennel plant.
Fruit Fenel
Even in addition to treating gallstones, fennel plants that can also treat dental and sprue, following the description:
  • Prepare the fennel to taste.
  • Fennel dry fennel washed to clean and then finely ground.
  • After finely ground, the fennel is attached to the tooth, or the affected part.
  • Hopefully useful.
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