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Formerly in my thoughts often arise questions about how wikipedia, facebook, twitter, mini opera and others earn income to pay the operational costs of the website. Although everything has been answered, after that curiosity my thinking switch to Mozilla, who questioned how this browser earn revenue ..?
According to information obtained from various sources, the browser known as Mozilla Firefox was founded by two companies that are not different, where the two companies are Mozilla Foundation and Mozilla Corporation. Although both are not different but there is no similarity, among of them is how to earn revenue.

The Mozilla Foundation focuses on donations (non-profit companies), then Mozilla Corporation, which is a tax-laden commercial enterprise. Although like that but both are connected, where Mozilla Corporation is a subsidy of the Mozilla Foundation.

Then, how does Mozilla earn revenue to survive in cyberspace ..?
Answered is correct or not my thinking that questioned his income opinion, It turns out the Mozilla browser to earn money as revenue from Google. You must be wondering how Google can pay mozilla, while mozilla also does not provide any content for search results on Google machines.

Please note, when surfers use mozilla for searching in cyberspace, in the url address column at the top when we input the keyword instead of the ending ur extention com, net, org and others, then we click enter, then automatically the browser screen Will display search results from google engine.

That is, indirectly the browser is being used as if to force us to use google services, specifically as a search engine. Then from there the cooperation of the two big companies.

Maybe some visitors there who still do not believe, want to google pay mozilla ..?.
To be understood, mozilla is one of the most famous browsers in the world. It can be imagined, according to estimates, how many people use it for browsing and forced to use google search engine service, by He (Mozilla).

Ascertained according to various sources that have been collected, the information paid from google is through sponsorship agreement is allegedly as a major source of revenue mozilla.

If not from that side, then where else is the income. Because as we have seen, surfers who use mozilla are never told to pay either at the time of download, install, or while searching.
Although over the years, Mozilla as a Firefox browser developer, earned huge revenues from Google through sponsorship agreements, meaning Google pays Mozilla to make its search engine the default choice in Firefox. But lately Mozilla announced it is no longer working with Google.

And instead, Mozilla has partnered with several other search engine partners such as Yahoo for the US territory, Yandex for users in Russia, and Baidu in Chiness. However, this Mozilla step looks risky because the company is now no longer getting revenue from Google.

In fact, from Mozilla's revenue during 2014 amounted to 330 million US dollars, and almost entirely derived from the search engine agreement. What is clear, Google remains our number one heart, because during this time Google has never made us as a user, but Google instead provides convenience. Greetings victorius always for Google ... !!!, Google once broadcast air still .... !!!
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