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What's Kidney, Kidneys are two organs of the body resembles a mango or red beans on both sides of the rear upper body, which is precisely under the rib of man. Kidney with a big fist of adults, has a function to filter out the dregs of the body's metabolism, byproducts, and excess fluid from the blood.

In addition, the kidneys also function to maintain the natural balance of salts and minerals in the body, producing renin (enzyme that helps regulate blood pressure), producing the active compounds of vitamin D to maintain bone health, and produce compounds erythropoietin that serves to stimulate the production of red blood cells, as well regulate the levels of chemicals in the body that ultimately helps the heart and muscles functioning properly.

When the kidneys are injured or damaged, the remains of the body's metabolism and excess fluid can accumulate in the body, and eventually lead to swelling in the ankle, vomiting, feeling weak, shortness of breath, and lack of sleep. Kidney disease is a dangerous condition which if left untreated, the kidneys may stop functioning.

When the kidneys stop functioning, its effects can be deadly. If this condition is not treated immediately lead to salinisation and abnormal chemical elements in the body, this situation makes the other organs are affected and can not work as it should.

It is common symptoms that arise from renal disease, including the nausea and vomiting, dehydration, pain and a slight pain in the back waist, high blood pressure, confusion, Accumulation of fluid in some parts of the body (edema).

A condition that occurs due to inflammation or inhibition of the major blood vessels that supply blood flow to the kidneys, such as vasculitis (inflammation of blood vessel walls that block the flow of blood).

The blood that the heart pumped a little more than normal, it could happen because of heart failure, liver failure, or sepsis. Furthermore, some medications can also affect the blood supply going to the kidney or kidneys react to it directly.

To ensure a diagnosis of severe kidney disease, the doctor should act to perform urine tests and blood tests. The doctor will also measure levels of creatinine (a chemical waste product produced by the muscles of the body) in the blood that would have been low levels, because discarded by healthy kidneys.

Medical (physician) will ask the patient's medical history, and consumption of drugs the patient to determine the underlying causes of the conditions experienced. Treatment of severe kidney disease relies heavily on factors causing the emergence conditions since the beginning.

Therefore, by treating the underlying cause, most patients can potentially be cured of kidney disease experienced. And these are some steps that need to be done for treating mild kidney disease, which treat infections that cause kidney disease.

Advised to increase the consumption of fluids to avoid dehydration which can aggravate kidney disease patients, Stopping the consumption of drugs that may be the cause of the presence of kidney disease. Do blood tests to monitor the levels of creatinine and salt.

If the causes of kidney disease are not known for certain, Medical (doctor) will advise the patient to see Nephrologist (Nephrology), or Doctors Urology Specialist. And these are some conditions that are required for patients with severe kidney disease to be treated in a hospital that is a risk of obstruction of the urinary tract, for example due to prostate disease.

The basic cause severe kidney disease, requiring immediate treatment. Most people need to be treated, not as severe kidney disease, but because of the condition of the underlying cause. The patient's condition deteriorated, and require blood tests or urine tests regularly to monitor the performance of their kidneys and have complications.

Actually, to ward off or cope with kidney disease can be done routinely, naturally, even with just a few money Dollar ($) only. Where during the air-years kidneys are filtering the blood by removing salt, poison and substance - other substances that we do not want to be in the body. so that over time, the accumulation of salts needing care, and periodic cleaning at least once a month.

And this is how Wash's kidneys are naturally at the same time at a cost of just less than 3 US dollars, which is easy enough with Celery. Furthermore, do the following:
  • Buying a bunch of Celery.
  • Wash thoroughly, then cut into small pieces, and enter it into the pans or Casserole (Points boil).
  • Pour clean water is approximately 1 to 2 liters, then simmer for 10 minutes and leave to cool.
  • Then strain and pour into a clean bottle and store in refrigerator until cold.
  • Furthermore, one drink every day, and the results will be visible all starts from the deposition of salt or another toxin that comes out of the kidneys when urinating, and you will see the difference that you never felt before.
  • Celedry, also known as the best natural remedies, to wash Kidney. So there are no side effects or the impact, if consumption of natural ingredients, and not excessive. For all that excessive certainly not a cure, but can give rise to other new diseases. Greetings always healthy...!!!

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